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Customers, What you should know

  • Bills for water service are rendered bi-monthly based on bi-monthly meter readings, with the Water Authority reserving the right to periodically render a bill based on estimated usage.
  • Failure to receive a water bill does not relieve the responsibility for payment, nor constitutes cause for cancellation of penalty if the bill becomes delinquent
  • All bills for water service shall be rendered to the owner of the premises to which the water service is furnished, and such owner shall in all cases be liable for payment of such bill.
    • The owner may request that West Kittanning Municipal Authority rend the bill in the name of the tenant by a written order from the owner. Also, the owner, upon termination of occupancy by any tenant or occupant, shall notify the Authority, and the owner shall be liable for payment, including delinquent charges unpaid as of the date of termination.
  • The Authority requires the owner of the building to provide a backflow prevention valve and a pressure-regulating valve effective with the new meter replacement project
  • Meters must be accessible - the area around the outside button meter reader must be accessible – this includes access to the property if there is a fence, dogs, or if overgrown shrubbery impedes the meter reading. If we are unable to access, we will estimate the bill based upon the highest water usage and may apply additional penalties for each month that we cannot access.
  • Service line leaks - from the curb-box to the meter is the customer’s responsibility to have repaired
  • Frozen meters - it is the responsibility of the customer to pay for replacement, including labor costs